Sassy Caps

Making a Sassy Cap

Sassy Caps are easy and fun to make.  Caps can be knit, crocheted, or even sewn on a sewing machine.  The only rules are that they be soft, fun, handmade, & given away!

Choose the way you want to make your cap for directions, patterns & tutorials:


Packing them up to give away


No matter how you make your Sassy Cap, it’s really about the giving.  Whether you make them on your own and give them one by one to friends, or you organize a little “Sassy Circle” group to collect a bunch for a treatment center, once you have your caps, the process is the same…

  1. Place your completed SOFT and FUN cap in a clear sandwich bag.
  2. Download & print labels here – Sassy Caps Tags. (This downloadable pdf is set up to print on Avery 5163 labels.  If you have any problems printing, make sure that “Fit to Size” is unchecked in your print dialogue box)
  3. Fill in your name, place the label on the bag and… Voila!  Your cap is now officially a Sassy Cap & ready to give away.

3 thoughts on “Sassy Caps

    1. It really depends on what type of yarn you are using. In general, you can get 2 caps per skein. I often use different yarn for the brim & the body of the cap to make the most of each skein.

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