Sassy Caps is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our mission is to empower volunteers to connect with local cancer communities through service and love, and to make the fight against cancer a little bit sassier.

What are Sassy Caps?


Sassy Caps can be knit, crocheted, or sewn, but they need to feel soft against bare skin – nothing itchy or irritating.


Sassy Caps are NOT boring. They are in bright, fun colors or patterns with a little bit of flair. Neutral colors are ok if you add a fun accent (like animal print, feathers, or sparkle) to jazz it up and make it sassy.


Sassy Caps are handmade and donated to friends, family, and treatment centers to brighten the day of people undergoing cancer treatment.

You can make a Sassy Cap any way you like and give it anywhere in the world as long as it fits these three criteria

What We Do

Sassy Caps

We are a nationwide network of volunteers that make soft, fun hats and seatbelt pillows to donate to people receiving cancer treatment. 

Sassy Seatbelts

We also make Sassy Seatbelt pillows that help relieve pain & pressure for people with port-a-caths when riding in the car.

Day of Sass

We sponsor and host local, free “Day of Sass” spa makeovers for women with cancer.   

There are currently Sassy volunteers working in 16 states. It is easy to start small in your local community. To add your state to the list, please send us a message by clicking “Contact Us” in the menu bar

“A sense of overwhelming love”

“When I put the cap on my head, I immediately felt a sense of overwhelming love and peace come over me. I felt like whoever had made that cap had made it just for me, and I knew someone was out there who cared about me. I know that what you are doing is a very wonderful thing…”

Sassy Cap recipient

“I feel the love”

“Thanks for the cap. I got mine Monday when I went to my chemo treatment at Oncology in Mooresville, NC. I got a yellow one with a flower on top. Everyone loves it… I feel the love of Sassy Caps.”

Ruby in NC

“Something I will cherish”

“I was thrilled to receive a gorgeous knit cap today while at my 2nd chemotherapy treatment. It is a beautiful purple color knit by Jamie. I can’t convey how much it means that you all are voluntarily making people’s lives so much better with your time and generosity. This is something I will cherish and look forward to wearing for a long time. Thank you lovely girls so much. You have made my day!”

Lora in NC

“A blessing to so many”

“This has made me so emotional.  What a blessing to see Lili’s sweet face and beautiful smile. Praying for her and all the children battling cancer.  Sassy Caps is such a blessing to so many.  Thank you for including the Clyde Campbell kids.”

Mother of 5th grade Sassy Capper

“Our ladies love them”

“So grateful for your generous donations! Thank you to Beverly for taking her time to bring us more as we need them. Our ladies love them!”

Maryland Oncology Hematology

“A small act of kindness can inspire others”

“I received a cap from Sassy Caps and I was touched once again by the power that small gestures have to create huge waves. In times like these I think we need to be reminded of how much good is in the world and how a small act of kindness can inspire others. Thank you. ”

Victoria in AZ

A message from Sassy’s 2 girls

This is Sassy, our mom. Actually, she was born Sheila Braniff, but her grandkids call her Sassy, and the name fits. We miss her every day. Sheila was a gifted teacher and a loving mother who could laugh at herself and see the best in others. We started this project to honor her and all of the people who went out of their way to show her that they loved her when she was sick – those who wrote cards, or brought meals, or made her laugh that wonderful laugh. Mom’s favorite hymn says, “Because I have been given much, I too must give.” We have such gratitude for the blessing and guiding influence she has been in our lives. We were truly “given much” in the mother department, and started Sassy Caps to follow her example of giving.