Crochet a Cap

If you are more comfortable crocheting, then you can absolutely make a Sassy Cap that way!  The most important thing is to choose a yarn that is fun & will feel soft on bare skin.

With crocheting, you can easily get 2 caps per skein of yarn, so these are pretty economical.  You can also get away with thinner, or lighter weight yarn that would look “holey” if it were knitted on a loom. Experiment to see what you like best

I like the texture of spin yarns for loom-knitting a cap.  I’ve found 2 brands that I use a lot.  Lion Brand’s Homespun and Loops & Threads’ Country Loom Yarn.  Both work great and both come in variegated colors, which makes the caps interesting with less work for you!

Here’s a crochet pattern we found online for a Chemo Cap. But there’s no “one right way” to do them.  Explore some of the other patterns at for some even Sassier options!


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