Sassy Circles

Sassy circle

A supercute Sassy Circle in Maryland.  Love their granny glasses!

By creating a Sassy Cap, you join a network of nationwide volunteers dedicated to brightening people’s days, lifting their spirits (and covering their heads).  You may choose to make Sassy Caps on your own and give them one by one to friends and neighbors, but it’s even more fun to do with a group!

Some volunteers have chosen to organize  local “Sassy Circles” to collect larger donations for treatment centers.  Here are some ideas to help you get a Sassy Circle started in your area…

  • Begin by making a Sassy Cap yourself (see below for tutorials & patterns)
  • “Like” Sassy Caps on Facebook.  Use social media to post pictures of the caps you create (make sure you tag us).  Your friends will want to know more & some will be interested in joining you.
  • Print out this Sassy Caps brochure and place it at local yarn and craft supply stores.  There is a place on the back where you can fill in your contact information for those who want to join your Sassy Circle.


  • Put out a container like this one at work, school, or church to collect caps that others make and donate.  Include sandwich bags and Sassy Caps Tags for packaging and Sassy Caps brochures in case people want more info.  I just wrapped an empty cardboard box with fun wrapping paper and put the Sassy Caps logo on the front.  You can copy and paste the image below.


  • Make connections with local treatment centers to find one that will accept the donations.  Invite members of your Sassy Circle to go with you to make the donations.
  • Share your experiences and pictures on the Sassy Caps Facebook page.  We love to hear about what you are doing!


This donation of 30 Sassy Caps went to the folks at Southern Oncology Associates in Huntersville, NC.  One of the Sassy Circle members had received treatment there and loved to give back to the people who had cared for her so well.

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