Sassy Seatbelts


We are super excited about a new project that was inspired by  a Pinterest post from & spearheaded by Lisa & her mom Pat – two fabulous Sassy Cappers in North Carolina – Sassy Seatbelts!

When people receive ongoing chemo, they often have a port-a-cath surgically implanted, just under the skin in the chest.  It provides easy access and keeps the frequent infusions from collapsing veins.  Though these ports make things easier, they are often right in the spot that can be irritated by wearing your seatbelt in the car.  That’s where these little pillows come in handy.  They attach to the seatbelt with velcro & relieve the pressure on the port.  Ingenious!

The pillows are a perfect project for our volunteers who prefer to sew (or just want a way to use leftover fabric) and can be easily donated right along with the caps.  All you need is:

  • Enough fabric for two 7-x-4-inch rectangles  (Since they aren’t touching skin, they don’t have to be super soft, but in the Sassy spirit, we recommend fun designs)
  • Velcro – the sew-on kind, not with sticky backing, in a 5/8-inch width.
  • Fiber fill stuffing
  • thread

Cick here for quick Sassy Seatbelt Printable Instructions (2 per page), or to view a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, see the original post at  Our friend, Pat, has whipped out 50 of these in no time at all, and used up a bunch of her fabric scraps too!

Treatment centers will gladly accept these pillows just as they are, but patients might not understand how to use them.  Plus, because immune systems are vulnerable, it’s always nice to have clean items packaged in a germ-resistant way.  That’s where we “Sassified” them!

We created these tags that you can download & print (3 per page). They have a little poem that explains how to use the pillow to “Sassy Up your Seatbelt”.  Click here to download –  Pillow TagsIMG_0230

Once you cut the tags apart & fill in your name on the blank, you can put each pillow in a cellophane bag with its tag and staple at the top to package it for donation.


Here’s a box of 40 ready to go out with our next donation of Sassy Caps!  Ours are going to the American Cancer Society.  They have a “Road to Recovery” program that provides transportation to and from treatment for patients with cancer.  Every “Road to Recovery” car in our area will be equipped with Sassy Seatbelts.  Isn’t that exciting?!


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