Crochet a Cap

If you are more comfortable crocheting, then you can absolutely make a Sassy Cap that way!  The most important thing is to choose a yarn that is fun & will feel soft on bare skin.

With crocheting, you can easily get 2 caps per skein of yarn, so these are pretty economical.  You can also get away with thinner, or lighter weight yarn that would look “holey” if it were knitted on a loom. Experiment to see what you like best

I like the texture of spin yarns for loom-knitting a cap.  I’ve found 2 brands that I use a lot.  Lion Brand’s Homespun and Loops & Threads’ Country Loom Yarn.  Both work great and both come in variegated colors, which makes the caps interesting with less work for you!

Here’s a crochet pattern we found online for a Chemo Cap. But there’s no “one right way” to do them.  Explore some of the other patterns at for some even Sassier options!


Happy Sassy Day!

Today is Sassy Day, and we’ve come up with the perfect idea to celebrate – Sassy Caps!  We are looking forward to organizing in the next few months and starting on this journey.  Hopefully by next year’s Sassy Day, we will have many caps donated & people served to show for it!  Thanks for being a part of it!